Hardback Books:

  • Adv Player’s Guide (APG)
  • Adv Race Guide (ARG)
  • Adv Class Guide (ACG)
  • Ultimate Magic (UM)
  • Ultimate Combat (UCbt)
  • Ultimate Campaign (UCam)
  • Ultimate Equipment (UEq)
  • Inner Sea Magic (IS:M) – Not GM Owned

Player Companions:

  • People of the Sands (PoS) – Not GM Owned
  • Dungeoneer’s Handbook (DH) – Not GM Owned
  • Faiths & Philosophies (F&P) – Not GM Owned

Other Books

  • Blood of Angels (BoA)
  • PF Society Field Guide (PFSFG) – Not GM Owned
  • Inner Sea: Magic (IS:M) – Not GM Owned
  • The Inner Sea World Guide (ISWG)

Check the Character Creation wiki page for what is allowed for races, Classes Etc.

Anything “Not GM Owned” must be brought by at least one player, which will make the material available to everyone in the game.

If the book isn’t on this list it’s not available for use…
BUT, If you have access to any of the “Inner Sea” books not listed here, and wish to use something from it – ask the GM. If the GM allows it, you must have the book with you (physical or PDF) at the game to to be referenced.


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