Character Creation

The list of allowed Resources

  • Nothing from a book not in the list of Allowed books
  • Nothing specifically prohibited below

- Starting funds/gear: Gold.. 3d6 x 10 reguardless of class
- Max HP at 1st level, roll every level 2nd and up

Character Background
- description of your character’s history. 1 page, Arial/calibre 10/12 pt, 1 inch margins, single spacing, double carriage return after each paragraph.

Alignment (to judge RP rewards)
- “Lawful” Characters they must state
- – What Deity they follow
- – What Religious/Monastic order they are a member of (if applicable)
- “Chaotic”
- – Characters they must have a short description of their personality / beliefs.

- Core, APG, ACG – except NO Paladins
- APG, ACG, UC, UM – Archetypes

- Core Rulebook
- Adv Race Guide: Options for Core Races
- Alternate Rules
- Archetype
- New Racial Rules
- Adv Race Guide: Featured Races: Goblin, Kobold, Aasimars

- Core Rulebook
- UM
- UCbt
- IS:M
- No “Wish” or “Limited Wish” (or anything with similar effects, divination spells work differently and are fine).

- Each char gets two, no more than one from a single category
- How to use – APG (p326)
- APG (p326)
- UCam (p51)

Character Creation

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