Meurina Elizabeth Finch

She is a human who looks to be in her mid to late twenties, shy but impulsive, is quiet unless you get her on a topic she likes. She only divulges information to trusted friends. She is a strong ally, but a cold and formidable enemy.


Meurina Elizabeth Finch (Erika)
Human Fighter

Her short shaggy brown hair hides her face but she slicks it back for combat. She wears a simple brown robe with wrap pants underneath, layering her sward sling, then her armor, even her boots seeming to have some protection layered on above the thick leather. She carries her sword, shield, and cooking utensils on her most of the time, seeming suspicious of her surroundings at all times and brushing it off as her simply being on her guard. She seems over protective of her sword, going through ritualistic cleaning of the blade and sharpening on a weekly basis, if not more. Touching her blade is even treason to her. She insists on taking the fingers that touched her blade. Friend’s fingers also count. She also carries around a bible of Pelor (the god of the Sun, Light, Strength, and Healing) with her and reads it to pass the time.


Meurina wont speak much about her past, seeming pained by the thought. All she will tell is that her sword is a family heirloom and as a female knight, she wishes to prove that she is worthy of wielding her blade. She has no siblings, and as far as she knows both of her parents are alive, but she has not seen them in years. Since she left home, she has looked towards Pelor for guidance. If she trusts you with any more information than this, it is out of respect and true trust, and she does not look well on people who betrays this trust.

Meurina Elizabeth Finch

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