Amora Carraig

She is a dwarf who identifies as an elf. She keeps clean and freshly braids her hair and beard every day. She may be short and stout but she tries to be very feminine and graceful, but tends to be loud, however very friendly.


Amora Carraig (Erika Folmer)

5’2" tall, very stout, lshoulder length brown hair with blonde streaks and a beard, both braided daily is various braid types. Surprisingly pristine eyebrows, with blue eyes. She wears ringmail armor and rarely takes it off.

Amora is very friendly and loud. She loves talking to everyone and being a “social butterfly”. She’s always is looking for love, specifically elves. She speaks like a valley girl because she aspires to be a great Diva.


She didn’t want to get married to him. Her heart belonged to a gorgeous elf she knew was out there somewhere. Or a half elf, She would settle. But she will not settle for that DWARF father wants her to marry. Amora knew she could do better, so she packed up so she could go find that elf she was destined to be with.

Amora was, no, IS an Elf, full of grace and beauty, who was simply born in a dwarven body. At least she had a beard to braid, and her and her beard braids would be on their way into the world to prove her family wrong. She is good enough to marry an Elf.

*Amora is the youngest of 5, with an eldest brother named Malachite, the second eldest being her sister Cloche (Clah-ch-eh), Third eldest being a brother named Tanzanite, and fourth eldest being a brother named Mica. Amora has always been in the shadow of her elder sister Cloche. She always tried to be stronger, faster, and more lovable than her sister who had suiters from across the northern mountains. But she couldn’t. She Amora set out to be something her sister couldn’t be…. A Diva!

Amora Carraig

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