The Depths of Rappan Athuk

Into the Breach

aka.. did you get the license number of that BugBear?

*Here’s how it went…

The group has been getting its act together, buying stuff, coming up with a plan. We keep hearing about this “Rappan Athuk” and its freaking well. What’s so scary about a dammed well anyway? That’s just getting too deep for my shallow mind.

So, we go off the next town to the north is like 220 miles (or more) away so we set out early. Near the end of the day we spot on this hill some broken down stone building.. old barracks or tiny keep of some despot-wannabe we don’t know but up the hill we carefully trudge up this stupid hill to investigate.

Did I say “investigate”? What I meant was “get our collective arses handed to us”. Two bug bears.. just two. We finally killed them but they took three people down in the effort, we barely got any money off them, and turns out we were lucky there was a whole butt-load of them down in the cellars or what-not doing whatever bugbears do in dark places. All I know is we just licked our wounds, got back to town, and our dying friends into the wagon (okay so not in that order, sue me I’m still shaken by the whole thing).

We lack a leader, even a bad one. We’re outmatched. And you can’t even get a decent bowl of gespatcho in this two-horse town. sighs ain’t life just grand.*



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