The Depths of Rappan Athuk

Ever Have "Pickled Cleric"?

Well, the group finally managed to get its act together, “act” being a good term because it’s like we’re more the travelling circuis instead of a crack team of adventuers.

Halfway through the day we spot coming over a rise in the road two wagons with guards and everything. With the road really not quite wide enough for two wagons wide we pulled over to the side very carefully – neither the merchants nor their guards looked like they were real interested in making new friends. Either that or they somehow got ahold of some of Snake’s “Mule Meat Surprise”.

Ah-or-ah has a genius idea pulling out the bugbear shields and armor, getting all kinds of excited there in back of the wagon with her prizes. She got one of the merchant’s interest saying she had stuff for sale, some armor, not that we could see what they were transporting so well covered under tarps and lashed down.

Upon getting a look ath the fine merchandise his demeanor turned even more sour than before as he politely declined.

That second night wasn’t too bad, watches going semi-smoothly until some gent in a long cape ccouple of worgs with him pasing by the camp. Don’t think there was not a signle person didn’t feel some kind of very disturbing sensation run up and down their spine like it was the devil’s dance floor. This “gent” didn’t bother us but he sure put the fear of the gawds into us.

Towards morning we got overrun by some <<insert>>. Trying to wake the camp it was discovered our wonderful cleric had vanished from his tent. Was he kidnapped? did he run off? after about an hour of hunting kind of walking across his tracks. Turned out the fool had decided to sneak into the wagon crawl into the half barrel of wine, sleeping in it up to his neck of wine, his vestments dyed purple leather armor waterlogged. Well, winelogged and weighing double.

In the morning the group gave Mr. Snake two options… Wither start walking back the way they came, or spend the next week sealed into that barrel half full of wine.

He started a walking hoping to catch up with the merchants.


In the morning we weren’t overrun by anything, they were looking for the Cleric because it was his watch next but he wasn’t in his tent. When he was found Nobody took his watch.

Ever Have "Pickled Cleric"?

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